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yeah there has. i dunno who i just no there has. wen i wos in there on my own once i looked up and i saw this man sitting on one of the tradgic faces. he was a bit transparent. he had thick glasses and was wearing a tweed suit his face wos a bit like mr. malett's. it wos really scary so i scarpered. actually ive just remembered. i think a went up into the riging of the theater and fell and died. we found a pritt stick with aparently the boys name on.

my name is gemma hall and im in 7gc. ive only just dicovered this site. could u pls tell me ur name + form and reply to

> hi i was wondering has anyone ever died in
> the theater? coz me and a few m8s was in
> there da ova day and we kept hearing well
> weird noises. like people running across the
> stage. the lights were off and there was a
> back drop on the stage. when we went to the
> front the back drop had gone? it was wow
> wierd. if n e 1 knows n e info about dead
> people in st francis college's theater plz
> e-mail me at-
> thanx.
> xxxxxxx.

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